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Technical Requirements Perimetrix SafeSpace HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS The implementation of Perimetrix SafeSpace begins with the installation of the SafeSpace server software Prior to this the system infrastructure needs to be prepared in advance by the customer or partner The specific requirements are detailed in the table For the initial pilot one server physical or virtual needs to be prepared The server should meet the minimum physical resource requirements as described in the right table The total number of servers that will be required will depend on the final implementation scenario which is based on the client s security requirements organizational structure and IT infrastructure and might be provided upon request THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE The following software should be installed Java DK Apache Tomcat PostgreSQL 8 or 9 8 or 9 11 is preferred versions later than 9 6 are also supported LINUX OS Several Linux operating systems are supported as indicated in the following table2 Astra Linux CentOS Linux Debian Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux SUSE Linux Enterprise Ubuntu Linux 2 12 2 1 2 21 11 8 7 11 10 8 7 15 12 11 21 20 18 2 Contact Perimetrix or a Perimetrix partner for compatibility information regarding any Linux operating system that is not listed above COMPONENT MINIMUM RECOMMENDED Processor 32 bit 64 bit CPU 2 core 4 8 core Memory 2 GB 8 GB Storage 20 GB 50 GB1 1 The total amount of storage required for the server depends on the actual size of the log files as well as data grooming backup and archiving strategies The main factor that impacts the amount of data saved to the logs is the number of events that are captured The number of events captured will vary depending on the number of users the number and type of classified files accessed the specific containers used etc ADMINISTRATION Requirements for SafeSpace servers A user with administrator privileges or the root user enabled Static or reserved IP address IP Address POSTGRESQL CONFIGURATION PostgreSQL should be configured as follows respecting client naming conventions and policies PostgreSQL 11 Database Server 1 1 PostgreSQL Installation Essentials Two databases Two users The first user should be granted all privileges to the first database The second user should be granted all privileges to the second database Please complete and submit the following form with your request for a quote This information will help us to better understand your existing infrastructure and provide you with the most explicit technical support services specific to your needs COMPANY NAME POINT OF CONTACT MY JAVA DK VERSION MY APACHE TOMCAT VERSION MY POSTGRESQL VERSION MY LINUX OS EDITION VERSION When submitting this document as part of a request for quote I agree to be contacted by Perimetrix for additional information regarding my organization s technology landscape security requirements related projects etc I understand that the information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be used by Perimetrix or a certified Perimetrix partner to maximize the level of services provided By submitting this form I confirm that the information is complete and accurate at the time it was provided to Perimetrix I also agree that my personal and or company details will be used in line with Perimetrix privacy policies which are available at Perimetrix official web site perimetrix com please return a signed copy of this document with the requested information to Perimetrix at info perimetrix com REF 3 016